VESTIGE will be a complete blind survey of the Virgo cluster within one virial radius from M87 and M49, the same sky region mapped by NGVS (104 deg^2; green footprint in Figure). Outside the virial radius, the survey will consist of 97 pointings to map virtually all the galaxies of the EVCC in the sky region 12h < RA(2000) < 13h, 0deg < DEC < 20deg (red boxes in Figure). The black contours indicate the X-ray emission of the diffuse gas trapped within the potential well of the cluster obtained by Rosat (Boehringer et al. 1994), the large red dotted circles the different substructures of the cluster, while the red, green, and blue empty circles early-type galaxies, transition type galaxies, and star forming systems respectively, as defined in Boselli et al. (2014).

VESTIGE coverage in march 2021. The red contours indicate the regions where full depth has been reached. Grey levels show the different sensitivity reached within the mapped region.