Approaching the end of CONCERTO at APEX

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We are already approaching the end of CONCERTO at APEX 😭.

As of now, we observed the COSMOS field for 765 hours. About 100 hours are left from the ESO+OSO Large Program. An agreement between MPIfR and ESO+OSO will allow us to observe the remaining time on COSMOS with CONCERTO for 16 days in 2023. Our chilean collaborators will also conduct the final CONCERTO observations in May. The last run of observations is planned from 27/04/2023 to 19/05/2023.

Despite the end, we'll upgrade the instrument in February 2023 before the last observing run. The major upgrade will concern the polarizer. We'll "glue" it between two HDPE plates such as it will not vibrate anymore.

The removal of CONCERTO from the C-cabin is planned for 23-25 May.

CONCERTO is not dead after May 2023, the ERC finishes on 30/06/2025 and we'll have years of data to explore!