Approaching the end of CONCERTO at APEX

All CONCERTO open time programs observed

A funny coincidence

Proposals for CONCERTO observing time for the period P110

A sad news: last call for ESO observing time on APEX

CONCERTO is playing drums!

CONCERTO instrument first opening to the community (call for proposal P109)

CONCERTO Commissioning Data Released

The [CII] line intensity mapping survey has started !

First Light for CONCERTO at APEX

CONCERTO installation in Chile: it is on the web

Installation has started at high site

CONCERTO arrived at the APEX high site

CONCERTO starts its long trip to the APEX high site

Merry Christmas

Instrument First Light

The instrument is complete

First CONCERTO paper published in A&A

A photo of the instrument as of end of June 2020

Working on the instrument despite the containment

A boost on the data reduction pipeline


APEX Ringberg meeting

APEX acceptance Review

Mirrors for CONCERTO

A logo for CONCERTO!

Four open positions: 1 PDRA, 1 software engineer, 2PhDs

CONCERTO Cryostat is being built.

CONCERTO got the ANO2 French Labelisation!

APEX PDR Successful!

Yixian and Johannes joined the team!

A first visit to the APEX site

ERC Accepted

CONCERTO has been accredited by A*MIDEX !