Proposals for CONCERTO observing time for the period P110

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CONCERTO was offered for the ESO and OSO P110 call for proposals. Six proposals have been submitted (in addition to the continuing [CII] ESO+OSO Large Program) for a total of 266.1 hours. They were all accepted and observed:

  • "Cold dust in the envelopes of evolved stars", PI: Vlemmings (20.8h)

  • "First relativistic thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich measurements: solving the mass gap on RXC J2211.7-0349", PI: Fernandez-Torreiro (50.0h)

  • "The first spectral measurement of dust millimetre emissivity in reference regions", PI: Désert (24.7h)

  • "Extended dust emission from AGB stars", PI: Scicluna (20.0h)

  • "Unveiling merging event with the SZ effect in MACS J0416", PI: Muñoz-Echeverría (90.0h)

  • "An unique probe of the millimetre emission spectral shape in the Small Magellanic Cloud", PI: Bot (59.5h)

Also, on the Chilean time, galaxy cluster Abell2744 have been observed.