Main Science Goal

CONCERTO aims to answer mostly two fundamental questions:

1. What is the contribution of the dust-enshrouded star formation to early galaxy evolution and what is the history of metal enrichment?
2. What is the role of star-forming galaxies in shaping cosmic reionization?

To reach that goal, we are constructing a new spectrometer to map in three dimensions the specific intensity due to line emission, a technique known as "Intensity Mapping".
Capitalizing on a recent technology breakthrough on the development of large KIDS arrays, our intensity mapping experiment will measure the 3-D fluctuations of the [CII] line emission at redshift 5.1 < z < 8.5 The atomic [CII] line is one of the most valuable tracers of star formation at high redshift and is redshifted into the sub-millimeter and millimeter atmospheric windows.

We will use the [CII] line emission as a tracer of cosmic density structure, and give the first constraints on the power spectrum of dusty star-forming matter.

Our experiment will also observe the CO intensity fluctuations arising from 0.3 < z < 2 galaxies, giving the spatial distribution and abundance of molecular gas over a broad range of cosmic time. To have a look to other science goals than [CII] instensity mapping, click on the icons below.



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