Fact sheet

  • Frequency range: 125-310 GHz
  • Telescope: APEX 12m
  • Field of view: Round diameter of 18.6’
  • Number of pixels: 2x2,152
  • Focal plane: KIDS detectors
  • Cryostat: closed cicle 3He-4He dilution
  • Absolute spectral resolution: >1.3GHz
  • Relative spectral resolution: 1-300
  • Spectrometer: Martin-puplett interferometer
  • Data rate: 128 MBytes/sec

More details on the instrument are given in the paper "A wide field-of-view low-resolution spectrometer at APEX: instrument design and science forecast", CONCERTO collaboration 2020, A&A 642, 60.

A first sensitivity estimate (before on-sky measurement) can be computed using this python code: Downloadable File. Details of the assumptions and equations are given in the above mentionned paper. The estimates have been checked using on-sky commissioning. They are in very good agreement for the photometric mode of CONCERTO. For spectroscopy, we are still working on the exact numbers.